This album will take you through your first week of posting. Make sure you EDIT to fit your personality.

For easy copy/paste, you just click the caption, and it will automatically COPY it to your keyboard, and then you just need to PASTE it where you want to post it. 

Some of these captions have instructions, you will see them listed in BLUE.

As SOON as you can post, DO IT! It will generate a buzz about what you’re doing, even before you even announce your new business venture.


Simple copy-and-paste!

 ⚡️RUSH example:

➡️ Here is your first post – get it up ASAP:

Okay friends, who on here has ever tried an energy drink?! If so, what is your fave? 🙋‍♀️ Comment below👇👇👇

📱Once people comment on your post, comment/reply under their comment: “I’ll PM you”

📱Once someone comments then you need to send them a message, here is the exact wording to private message them:

Hey! I saw that you love ____, I’m not telling you to give that up, but I’ve got an amazing alternative that has vitamins, and is actually GOOD FOR YOU! You will love it! And seriously it tastes so YUMMY, PLUS appetite suppressant. Would you be interested in trying it for 30 days?

📱Wait for their response, then message this:

Perfect! I am looking for a few more girls(guys) to try this new-to-market natural energy drink!<br />Plus, you get a discount & some free product credit with our VIP Program! Are you in?

📱Wait for their response, then message this:

[copy_inline text=”Each bag retails at $75 – but as a VIP Customer you only have to pay $67.49 + get $7.50 free product credit.
I am just putting in my orders for the week, I can throw yours in real quick too! It ships right to your house, super easy!

Here are some posts you can use ASAP to create curiosity! Pick 1, tweak to make your own:

When you wake up one day and realize your dreams are actually about to come true

The opportunity that just fell into my lap is mind-blowing! I can’t believe that I get to do this! I’m so excited to tell you guys!!

The face you make when your life changes drastically overnight!!!!

(include a selfie looking shocked or excited)

OMG! If only you knew what I knew right now!!!

Can’t wipe this smile off my face…I’m too darn excited about what’s coming….STAY TUNED

I can’t even believe this is real! All of my dreams are about to come true! Seriously, someone pinch me!!

…Things are about to get REALLY good! The Countdown starts NOW!

It’s happening so soon

💡 TIPS: Our goal is to help you get a few Brand Partner’s (BP’s) enrolled. Using one of these posts will help draw curiosity in and people will comment & message you about what you’re talking about and doing now.

Once people comment on your post, comment/reply under their comment: “I’ll PM you “


Part 1: Announcement Post – The Teaser

Post 1 of these a few hours before you want to announce your new business:

FOMO IS REAL! Ready for the secret?!

I can finally tell my secret!!!!


Comment a Celebratory GIF below if you’re ready for my HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT

I’ve got some BIG NEWS to share with everyone…..stay tuned…

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT coming….stay tuned

I can finally tell you the news!!

So many lives will be changed today!

Part 2: Announcement Post

Make this “Announcement post” about YOU. Be very excited! People are nosey, and they are going to now watch you to see what it’s all about.

You could find a quote on Pinterest about going on an adventure, a pic of your family, or a selfie, you decide.

Here is a fill-in-the-blank guide post to use:

OMG…. I get to finally tell you guys!!!!! I've partnered with an INCREDIBLE social marketing company, that is experiencing massive momentum!!!!!! This opportunity is going to help me and my family do (A, B, and C-- talk about you working around your schedule now, how it will help lower financial stress, how you get to work with your babies, paying for classes, or daycare, etc). I am so grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to share it with you all!

Here is another one, PLEASE EDIT, to fit you and your lifestyle & voice:

WHAT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING TO HEAR! My inbox has been flooded with so many messages of love and anticipation! Some of you I told, and you are wondering how to J U M P on-board! Some of you have just been waiting for me to go public with it. I never imagined I would be given such an amazing opportunity! You guys, this company is experiencing massive growth but it's not a household name yet - TALK ABOUT TIMING! This company is SOARING and our team is growing by the second! I have never been so sure and excited about something! Who wants to know what it’s all about!?

What to send to people commenting on your announcement post

Below are a few example examples of what to send to people who comment on your Announcement Post. 


Thank you so much for the love on my post. I am super excited!!!I'll post more in a couple days, but you will be one of the first to know what I'm up to.

Hey (name) thanks so much for your support on my post. I'm super excited about this new venture and really appreciate you for showing me some love!

This is nuts. I can't believe I'm doing this, but I have a really special opportunity I have to jump in to. I'll post more in a couple days, but I'll let you know what it is.

Kit Post

Take a picture of your unopened BRAVENLY box and say something that lets people know how excited you are, here are a few suggestions:

OMG it’s here!

I can’t believe how this little box is going to change EVERYTHING!!

When you’re stalking the mail all day for this and now you don’t even know who to tell first!!!

It's hereeeeeeeee

Never thought a box could get me so excited

And just like that...everything changes

➡️ Go Live and do an UN-boxing

First Product Post Examples

Add emojis!

Okay Family & Friends
As you know, I have recently started with this amazing social marketing company that allows me to (FILL IN THE BLANK). I keep hearing everyone else’s testimonies and reviews about the products, but I need to start my OWN portfolio, of people I KNOW, so I need your help.

I am looking for 4 people who want to try products! I can give you a discount and even some FREE product credit as well. I am up for a promotion and need to find 4 people THIS WEEK who would be willing to help me out!!!!!


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