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Tonight your girl is starting the new sleepy cocoa that went viral... Ready to stop these racing thoughts and waking up every few hours... COME ON SLEEPY COCOA DO YOUR THANG! Get ready to sleep better. Curbs nighttime sweet cravings. Helps you feel relaxed so you can fall asleep. Helps KEEP you asleep. Helps to keep you feeling full. Burns fat as you sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed with boosted serotonin. Stay tuned for my honest review... Night Night

Let’s talk sleep! I have always struggled with sleeping through the night. Often waking up numerous times through the night, which would lead me to being so exhausted during the day.  Day 1 of taking Drift, I was OBSESSED!! It is a gourmet hot cocoa you take about 30 min before bed and it will help you relax, fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. Day 1- I slept through the night, not waking up when I should be sleeping, and I woke up REFRESHED! Like that was all the hot cocoa!!  Trust me when I say, you can sleep a million x better than you currently do, and it tastes DELICIOUS.  Goodnight, friends. See you in the morning.

When I say I'm OBSESSED with Drift, I mean it. Gourmet hot cocoa that relaxes you 30 minutes to an hour before bed, and YOU SLEEP AMAZING. I usually wake up every hour (no joke) and with Drift, I don't and it's the biggest blessing. I wake up not groggy, and I wake up so refreshed. If there's something you must get your hands on this holiday season, this Is it!!

A cup of cocoa before bed—YES PLEASE BUT hold up this isn’t just any old sugar-filled cup of cocoa. Curbs evening sweet tooth - keeps you full & satisfied - supports falling asleep & natural sleep cycle - promotes relaxation - wake up refreshed. Finally catching zzzs again.

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