Your Launch Plan Overview

15-day getting started guide

Please watch the Launch Overview video.


We are going to take you through your first 15 days of tasks and things to know. You can go through this as fast as you want, or pace yourself as you go.

Our goal is to teach you the Bravenly Way and get you into action quick so you can start earning while you’re learning.

As you master our simple system, you will start hitting your goals and duplicating to obtain momentum in your business.

each day you’ll have a:

  • Daily video to watch
  • Daily action step to complete
  • Daily checklist
  • Training on how to grow your business

ready to begin?

Ready to start your 15-day journey of tasks, training, and getting started? 

Each of the training topics will help you grow your business in Bravenly. Remember, we want you to EARN while you LEARN. Completing the daily action steps will help you start earning.

Below you will find a list of the training topics covered over the next 15 days. For continued education and Bravenly training, use the rest of this HOME website and our Bravenly Nation Facebook Group for more training.

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