deep dive into our simple system – AT3

Please watch the Day Two video.

training topics you’ll learn today

  • Our Simple System to Success – AT3
  • ASK – How to make the ask
  • TOOL – How to connect someone to a tool
  • 3 – How to use 3rd party validation

your checklist

our simple system to success


Step through this simple system with 3 easy steps:

ASK: Ask someone to take a look at Bravenly.

TOOL: Send them a tool to get to know Bravenly.

3rd PARTY: Use a 3rd Party to validate Bravenly.

let’s dive into the a: ask

The goal of the ASK, is to invite someone to take a look at Bravenly. Send a friend a message and see if they are open to a conversation and learning more.


example one:

Hey NAME, are you open to another stream of income?

If yes…

I’m excited about a new business I just started…

I’m going to send you a 4-minute video about what I’m doing, I would love to hear what you think.  Would you have a chance to take a peek today?

example two:

Hey NAME, I just started the most amazing business, all from my phone. There is no one I’d rather have join me than you. Are you open to some info?

example three:

Hey NAME! Random question, but I have to ask- I partnered with a new wellness brand, and I would love for you to get eyes on what we are doing here! We are making some serious waves and helping so many people earn another stream of income! Are you open to taking a peek?

example four:

Hey NAME! I wanted to reach out and let you know something super exciting – I just started my own business! I’m putting together a team starting with my closest friends & family – a few KEY people to offer them the opportunity FIRST to do this with me. If I could pick anyone – it would be YOU! Will you take a look at what I’m doing?

let’s dive into the t: tool

After you make the ASK of someone, now is the time to connect them to a TOOL to take a look and “Meet Bravenly”. This is where they get more info about our products and the business opportunity.

You are NOT the tool! Please don’t feel like you have to be the person that explains Bravenly to your friend. We have created a few different tools that you can use when you make that “first contact” with someone.


Link to a video | In-person event | Adding to one of the Private Info Groups on Facebook | Sending a Sample

most popular:

Link to the 4-minute Snapshot:

facebook groups to add them to:

more links to videos

let’s dive into the 3:
3rd party

After you connect someone to a TOOL, and they have had their first contact with Bravenly, it’s time to get a 3rd party involved to validate YOU & the TOOL.

Depending on which tool you choose, the 3rd Party is a different validating tool, it can be a person, a group, or another video. The 3rd Party doesn’t have to be a person, it can be another TOOL. It’s just something or someone that validates you. 3rd Party is ANYTHING, that is NOT YOU.


Group chat with upline | Private Info Group | Zoom or phone call with upline | In the News Press Article

most popular:

Group chat with upline leader

  1. Create a chat with prospect and upline.
  2. Edify upline in chat with prospect.
  3. Compliment prospect and introduce them to upline.
  4. State what the prospect knows.
  5. Allow the prospect or the upline to ask questions – Have the upline share their story.
  6. Allow the upline to do the talking, listen & observe.

private info group

 Add them to one of our Private Info Groups

  1. Invite them to Bravenly INSIDERS or BREAKTHROUGH group.
  2. Tag them in posts with relative info based on their questions. Then teach them how to use the group.
  3. Follow up on the information they learned in the group, answer their questions, and make the ask. 
  4. Then use another 3rd party by connecting them with a 3rd Party Chat or send a link to enroll if ready.

today’s action step

Today, your goal is to ASK your first 5 KEY PEOPLE to take a look at Bravenly. Take your first 5 people through our simple sytem of AT3.


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