Day Twelve

income producing activities & working in a power hour

Please watch the Day Twelve video.

training topics you’ll learn today

  • Income Producing Activities (IPA’s)
  • What to do for power hour tasks

your checklist


Want to know the secret to this business?

Here’s the formula: Activity x Effectiveness = Results

So, what does that mean? Let’s break it down. Activity refers to your consistent action and the Income Producing Activities that you are doing. You’ve got to do ENOUGH of the RIGHT things.

Effectiveness refers to how you refine those skills, your coach-ability, plugging into training calls, and applying what you’re learning. Take your ACTIVITY, and multiply it with your EFFECTIVENESS, and that will compound over, and over again to equal the results you want.

Think of these as your non-negotiable activites. No matter what your day looks like, you can at least do these simple tasks to move your business forward.

working in a power hour

At Bravenly, you can let your work ethic write your paycheck. You can look at Bravenly as a business that will be the vehicle to help you achieve your goals, or you can look at it as a hobby that is just fun, and you enjoy taking the products.

If you want this business to be a business – the KEY to that is consistency & time! It’s important to make your business a priority. An easy way to do this is to block off time each week to commit to working on your business. Look at your calendar and see how much time you have to dedicate to your business.

Many people work their Income Producing Activities (IPA’s) in a power hour method, where they pick a time every day that they consistently do these tasks. Based on how much time you make for your business, you can adjust your power hour time. Power hours are an incredible activity to do as a team. Set a timer, pick a leader, and get to work, together!

The examples below are tasks that can be done in a power hour.


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