your first goals with Bravenly

Please watch the Day Three video.

training topics you’ll learn today

  • The ways to join Bravenly
  • How to be an Impact Achiever
  • How to rank up to the first 2 ranks of Bravenly

your checklist

start earning while you’re learning


Day Three we are focusing on helping you hit your first goals with Bravenly. We are going to show you the different ways that your friends and family can get involved with Bravenly.

Next, we will teach you what it means to be an Impact Achiever each month to help grow a business on a strong foundation.

Lastly, today we will show you how to hit the first 2 ranks in Bravenly and start earning extra income.

options to join bravenly

As you are talking to your friends and family and taking them through AT3, they will get to choose which way they want to participate in Bravenly.

⭐️ VIP Customers can purchase products from you, get a discount, and earn Product Credit.

⭐️ Affiliates get a link to share & have the ability to earn income on Customer & other Affiliate orders.

⭐️ Brand Partners build a business and can make an income in our FULL compensation plan while enrolling Customers, Affiliates & other Brand Partners.

first goals with bravenly

Each month, one of your goals is to become an Impact Achiever. When you do this, you are building a strong foundation for your business by referring new people to Bravenly and retaining your customers.

The first step is getting ACTIVE. This means you have 100 in Personal Rank Volume. You can achieve this by any combination of personal orders and Retail or VIP Customer Orders.

Your next step is referring 3 NEW people to Bravenly. Personally Enrolling any combination of Retail or VIP Customers and Affiliates or Brand Partners.  The Retail or VIP Customers must be Qualified to count, which means they have at least 25 in Pay Volume in that given month. For the Affiliate or Brand Partner to count, they must have 100 in Rank Volume in that given month. 

The last step to becoming an Impact Achiever is hitting the 400 Club. That means you have at least 400 Club Points in a given month. All personal orders, new customer orders, and existing customer orders count toward your Club Points. Hitting the 400 Club gives you a 6% bonus as well. If you can hit a higher club, the bonus is higher as well.

impact achiever goals

first rank goal with bravenly

When you enroll with a product pack, there is volume attached to your order. When you enroll customers or Brand Partners, who place orders, there is also volume with those orders. Senior Brand Partner is our first Rank with Bravenly. See the requirements below and an example to hit this rank.



  • Active 100 in Personal Rank Volume
  • 2 Qualified Customers (Retail or VIP)
  • 400 Team Rank Volume 

example scenario to achieve this:

next rank goal with bravenly

The next rank at Bravenly is Executive Brand Partner.

See the requirements below and an example to hit this rank.



  • Active 100 in Personal Rank Volume
  • 2 Qualified Customers (Retail or VIP)
  • 1,000 Team Rank Volume

example scenario to acheive this:

today’s action step

Today, your goal is to ASK your next 5 PEOPLE to take a look at Bravenly. Take your first 5 people through our simple sytem of AT3.


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