Day Ten

how to use third party validation

Please watch the Day Ten video.

training topics you’ll learn today

  • What 3-way chats are
  • How to use 3-way chats
  • Example scripts of what to say

your checklist


On Day Two, we taught you our AT3 System. The “3” part of that system is 3rd Party Validation. Today, we are going to dig into the importance of AT3 and give you more training on how to do this WELL using 3-way chats.

The purpose of the 3-way chats is:

  • Get third-party validation from the leaders in your organization.
  • Learn from your leaders on how to explain and share so you can eventually do it too.
  • Introduce your team members to the system from the very beginning – you never know where your next leader will come from, and it can even be someone only asking about products.
  • Have your leaders help you CLOSE your prospect. They will be able to overcome objections and “make the ask” to join or buy.

How many leaders do I add to a chat:

  • Add 1 leader to a chat with a prospect asking questions about products only.
  • Add 1–2 leaders to a chat with a prospect that you are talking to about the business.

Tips to have a successful 3-way chat:

  • Ask your prospect or tell them before starting the chat that you are adding them into a chat with your mentors, friends, or leaders – never surprise them.
  • Don’t use the word upline, this is a term used in Network Marketing, but the average person doesn’t know what that means. Referring to your upline as mentor, friend, or leader seems more personable.
  • Introduce and identify the leader and the prospect in the chats when starting.
  • Let the leaders respond and speak – don’t get impatient and start blowing up the chat by talking too much before they can respond or in between (too much talk and info at once can overwhelm the prospect vs. help).

example scripts to use when talking to a prospect that you want to add to a 3-way chat

Hey NAME, thanks so much for inquiring about what these products are. I’m currently at work and will be away from my phone for a few hours, but I don’t want to leave you hanging. Can I get you connected with my friend to share more about these amazing products we are using?

Hey NAME, I can for sure give you more info about my new product. I’m at work right now but would love to connect you with my friend to get you some info NOW. Do you mind if I set up a chat?

Hey NAME, I’d love to share some info with you about the products I’ve been using. My energy & focus haven’t been this good in YEARS! I’m a little new at explaining them though, I’m going to add a friend of mine here to this chat to help me explain them and answer your questions correctly, is that okay?

I don’t know about you, but culture & support were big deciding factors when I was choosing Bravenly. I would love to add you to a FB message with ______ who is part of my leadership team. It will give you a chance to get to know her/him, check out their profile on social to see who they are, and of course give a no-pressure platform for you to get questions answered. Sound good?

next step: edify & introduce

Once you start the chat, edify your leaders and introduce your prospect is the next step. Here are a few examples of how that can look.

Hey PROSPECT NAME, I wanted to introduce you to my dear friend LEADER NAME. (Insert how you know the leader and then say) He/She is the one who introduced me to this new company and product line. I am so happy to be doing this alongside her/him, they are incredible.

My friend PROSPECT NAME wanted to know what this company offers as it can benefit her weight loss goals, where should she start? PROSPECT NAME, feel free to ask as many questions as you need. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Hey LEADER NAME & LEADER NAME, I’d like you to meet my friend PROSPECT NAME. He is interested in learning more about this business and see if this would be a good option for him. He is ready to make 2024 a better year financially for his family and wants MORE.

PROSPECT NAME, these are 2 of my really good friends and leaders at Bravenly. Both of them have experienced incredible success here and are helping guide my team on that same path.

here is a start-to-finish example of what this looks like

When you’re in a conversation and it gets to the part that you need help answering questions, will be busy for a few hours, or it is just ready for a 3rd party to help close:

Hey, awesome question! What I am going to do is loop my friend _______ (insert leader name) into a messenger chat to answer that. She/he has been doing this a little bit longer, and I want to make sure we have your questions answered. One sec…

Create a Facebook Messenger chat, add the Prospect & Leader. You can also do this on Instagram or as a text message. Be sure to introduce them and edify your upline.

Hey (LEADER)______, This is my friend (PROSPECT)_________, she is my really good friend (TELL HOW YOU KNOW THE PROSPECT)_________________ and she has some questions on the ________, and I was just hoping that you could help answer some of these.

_________(PROSPECT) this is my friend & leader __________ she is a TOP leader here at Bravenly, and has been doing this for quite a while and I know that you are just going to love her. So I am going to go ahead and let her answer those questions. Feel free to drop your questions below and we will connect here soon.

Next, the upline leader needs to pop in and introduce themselves.

Hey (PROSPECT)________, it’s so nice to meet you, feel free to flow any of your questions in this chat. (Tell them a bit about you that they can relate to)

The step-by-step process of a 3-way chat, once you’ve asked your prospect if it’s okay to start one:


Create chat on Facebook, Instagram, or text message.


Introduce and edify your leader upline in the chat to your prospect.


Compliment the prospect and tell the leader how you know them.


State what the prospect knows, if anything.


List any questions you know the prospect has and ask your upline to assist in answering those questions. If it is a business conversation, also ask your leader to share their story with the prospect.


Be quiet and observe, allow the leader to take lead and watch and learn how and what they do. Feel free to ask your leader, privately, why they are answering a certain way, so you can learn.

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