relationship building

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training topics you’ll learn today

  • How to build relationships
  • The SAME Method
  • The FORM Technique

your checklist


The key to our simple system of AT3 working is building relationships with the people you are ASKING to take a look. Sometimes when you ASK someone to look at Bravenly, it’s not the right time in their life to join your team or order products. However, if you continue to build that relationship with them and follow up, down the road when things change for them, they will think of you.

The other relationship-building phase of this business happens when you continue to ask more people month after month to take a look. When you first join, you are talking to people in your warm market, meaning you know them. However, growing your network is an important piece to your success. We are going to teach you strategies to continue to grow your network while you focus on building relationships.


Use the SAME method to help grow your network.

SEARCH for friends on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.

ADD them to your network by friending or following them on whatever social media platform you are using.

MESSAGE them about their life, ask them a question.

ENGAGE with them on their posts, reels, and stories.

Once you have used the SAME method with a prospect, you are going to use the FORM method to guide your conversation. The SAME method helps you connect with new people. The FORM method helps you build a relationship and guide your conversation. The FORM method helps you build a relationship with them so that it feels natural when you are ready to make the ASK and talk to them about Bravenly.

People do business with those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

By utilizing the FORM method they will get to KNOW you. As you build a relationship with them they will LIKE you which leads to them TRUSTING you to make a product or business recommendation. 

be a fantastic listener

While talking to someone, remember it’s NOT in the TALKING, it’s in the LISTENING >> Be a FANTASTIC LISTENER.


Question: What does listening accomplish in the conversation?

Answer: If you want someone to take a look at Bravenly, they have to have a reason or see a possibility for themselves. You can gather this info by:

  • Finding their pain point
  • Finding their dream
  • Finding where building an income stream (or lifestyle/breakthrough/wellness support) product can make a difference in their life

Find a need and fill it!

You may be wondering “How do I do this?” When talking to people, you need to ask good questions.

Use FORM to help guide your conversations

use the form technique

The F stands for FAMILY

Most people have family and friends, so get to know them better by talking about either yours or theirs.

If a person is a childhood friend or a friend of your family, you may have met their parents. Ask them how they have been.  Are they still working at the same place as before? Or how are they enjoying retirement?

Does the person have any children? If so, how many do they have? How old are they? How do they like school? Are they academic, or do they prefer sports?

Are they single or in a relationship? Are they married? What does their partner like to do?

other questions to ask:

  • How’s life, what’s new?
  • Kids are growing, any changes? How is school?
  • Kids out of the house – boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged, family?
  • How is their spouse doing?
  • How are parents?

Be thinking “How could adding income into this situation help them or others?” 

The O stands for Occupation

This opens up a whole range of potential work-related topics. First, do you know whether the person has a job, or are they looking for work?

questions to ask if they don’t have a job:

  • What would they like to do?
  • What did the person last do for work?
  • Have they found many job openings, or is it proving difficult to arrange an interview in the current job market?
  • Are you looking for ways to make an income from home?

Be thinking “How could knowing they had a back-up plan in their skill set and cash flow change their circumstance or choices?”

The R stands for Recreation

Find common interests that you both have, that shared love, passion, or experience can lead to conversation.

Common interests – from shared hobbies to supporting a particular sports team – can provide us with a sense of common ground. Shared recreational interests are also a great topic of conversation. Even if your hobbies are different from those of another person, it is always fascinating to learn about an unusual or otherwise interesting pursuit.

questions to ask:

  • If you could be doing anything with your free time, what would it be?

  • Where are you going on vacation?

  • Notice they’re just coming back from vacation – did you have fun, do you get to go often?

  • Favorite sport, team, TV show, series, music, concert, hobbies?

Be thinking “How could they possibly incorporate tax benefits into traveling with people they love? How would they spend their free time?”

The M stands for Motivation

Ambitions big or small, we each have our own goals and desires that drive our behavior. Find out from your conversation their motivations.

What were their childhood dreams? What drives them to live the lifestyle that they currently have or want to have? Do they have any aspirations? Would they like to go back to college to get a degree? Are they aiming to get a promotion by the end of the year? Why do they enjoy the hobbies they do? Are they looking to get married? Or even start a family?

Each of these areas provides a plethora of potential topics for conversation. You may wish to use them when looking for common ground.

WARNING!!! The LESS you know about them, the MORE resistance and objections there will be.

when to use the form technique

Use the FORM technique when you get to the M in the SAME method.

Once you have searched and added someone as a friend, when you go to MESSAGE them, that is when you will use the FORM technique.

Depending on the conversation and how well you know them if Bravenly doesn’t come up in that first conversation, don’t worry. Continue to get to know them, wait 2 days, and then AT3 – ask them to take a look at Bravenly. This is how you build a relationship before you AT3 or add them into a Private Info Group.

today’s action step

Today, your goal is to ASK your next 5 key people to take a look at Bravenly. Take your next 5 people through our simple system of AT3.

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