Day Seven

launch your business

Please watch the Day Seven video.

training topics you’ll learn today:

  • Launching your business with an event
  • How to invite others to your business launch
  • How to overcome common objections

your checklist


You can START a business or LAUNCH a business. We want to help LAUNCH your Bravenly business. The best way to kick your business off in a HUGE way is to schedule a Business Launch Event. This can be in-person, online, or both.

Pick a time when your friends & family can come over and “Meet Bravenly”. Ideally, pick a date within your first 14 days. Remember, you’re not planning a wedding, people don’t need 6 months’ notice. You just want to get a few people to come take a look and sample a few of your favorite products.

This can be in-person, over a webinar, or a Facebook event.


set the date

Decide if your launch will be in-person, on Zoom, or Facebook. They may NOT want to do an event. In that case, help them get people added to the INSIDERS group.

send an image

Make an image (or ask your Enroller for help) that you can text out to family and friends. Use an app like Canva, WordSwag, or Studio to make an image.

This is an example of an image that your new Brand Partner can text out to friends to invite them to their launch.

Be sure to include: Date, Address & Time

send a personal text

Now start texting your family and friends to ask if they can make it. Here is an example of what to say:

Hey Name, I wanted to let you know that I just started my own business!! I’m so excited!! I am hosting my LAUNCH event at my house on (WEDNESDAY)! No need to bring a wallet, just come support me!

Can’t wait to see you! Can you make it?

  • Invite your closest family and friends to come take a look at what you have your hands on!
  • Schedule this event at your home, a friend’s home, a local restaurant, or any location that fits you best!
  • Ask your upline to attend or have them on Facetime or Zoom in and tell their story!
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE! Have the products, samples, and some light refreshments out. Use the “Meet Bravenly” video to talk about the products and opportunities!
  • HAVE FUN! People will only be as excited as you are.

tips for scheduling your launch event

We encourage you to schedule BOTH an online and an in-person event to set you up for the most success. Whatever you do, just get something on your calendar. Set a goal to have at least 5–10 people on the call or at the event. There is more info about setting up events in the coming pages.

get the word out

online launch event sample text invite:

Hey NAME! I hope you’re doing well! I have some really exciting news. I recently started my own health and wellness business! I’m offering some incredible products that I’ve already seen life-changing results from, and they’re extremely affordable too! I want to invite you to my online party this Tuesday night! It would mean so much to me if you tuned in! No obligations to buy anything, but you go into a drawing for free products just by attending! Would you be interested in participating? They are super fun! 🙂

overcoming objections

Be prepared for people to show some sort of fear or limiting belief in themselves and this business that might hold them back. OBJECTIONS are not REJECTIONS, but it is your job to get to the heart of their hesitation and help them work through it.

Let’s start with how to respond to common objections from potential Customers.

Here are some responses to each objection that keeps the ball in YOUR court. They allow you to follow up when you see fit, without it feeling “sales-y” or awkward.

handling business objections comes down to 3 words:


Most people are scared or have some sort of objection; you’ll hear things like lack of money and/or time, no sales experience, not outgoing, don’t know enough people, etc. It’s your job to relate to them and show them how to get past those objections.


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