Day One

the bravenly basics

Please watch the Day One video.

training topics you’ll learn today

  • Complete your Business Plan
  • Identify your TOP 5
  • Join our private info groups
  • Check your website
  • Login to your Back Office
  • Back Office PRO options

your checklist

new brand partner business plan

First things FIRST, fill out your New Brand Partner Business Plan.

This is done best with the guidance of your Enroller or Upline Leader. You can schedule a call or Zoom with them to go over these details. 

Download and print your Business Plan, then start filling it out. If you don’t have a printer, don’t let that stop you. Grab a notebook and start writing down the answers. 

ACTION STEP: When you have this complete, take a picture of it and send it to your Enroller or Upline Leader. That way, they know your goals and can come alongside you to offer support. 

your business plan

identify your key people

Let’s talk about the KEY PEOPLE you want to talk to first!!!

Start identifying the first 5 people you want to share Bravenly with.

  • If everyone that you know would say YES to joining your team, who would you talk to first?
  • Who do you know that would be a natural at this?
  • Who do you know that has an outgoing personality, influence, or is driven? Maybe you know someone who just needs some extra cash or help finding their purpose again.

It’s important to identify who these first few people are and WHY you thought of them. You can use this as LEVERAGE to start building your business. When you reach out, communicate to them WHY you want them to join you. You want to be specific so they know you are sincere in your reach out and would genuinely love to work with them. Let’s identify these people now.

ACTION STEP: Grab a piece of paper and write your first 5 people down and WHY you thought of them.

After you come up with your first 5 key people, the goal would be to have a list of 25-30 additional people. This list will constantly evolve as your business network grows. Don’t overthink it or cast any pre-judgment. The main goal here is to start brainstorming who you know.

A fun way to do this is by using the acronym FRANKS. Go through each letter and write down any name that comes to mind:

facebook groups to join

We have 2 Private Info Groups on Facebook that will help build your business. If you’re not already a part of them, make sure to join now.

We will be explaining in the next couple of days how to use these groups to grow your business.

Each group has a few membership questions, you will need to answer them in order to be accepted to the group.

Official Bravenly Breakthrough Community #my30days

This group is here to support your customers & team members in their 30-Day Breakthrough Program. It’s an accountability community with thousands of testimonials. This is the perfect group to add potential customers to learn about the products and read testimonials.


This group is used to offer information about the Bravenly business. If you have a friend or family member who is interested in learning more about Bravenly, the business model, or the income opportunity, add them here. They can look around, read stories, and get info about the business opportunity.

your website & back office

First, you will want to verify your website URL that you will be sending to your family and friends to join you or purchase products from you. Next, login to your Back Office to look around. Read below for some more information on how to do each of these steps.

When you join Bravenly, you have access to a website for FREE where your friends and family can shop as a Retail or VIP Customer, or join you as an Affiliate or Brand Partner. You can customize your URL and even upload a picture so they know who they are shopping with.

Your URL is what you created at the time of enrollment. An example would be The “sallysue” part of the URL, is unique to YOU.  Double-check that your link is what you intended it to be.

You also have a BACK OFFICE to run your business for FREE. If you haven’t already, now would be a great time to log in and check it out. Your username is the ID # you received after enrollment. Your password is what you created at the time of enrollment. This is where you can manage your business, customers, place orders, and track your success. 

To edit your password or URL:  Hover over the top right circle, and select MY PROFILE in the drop-down. There you can edit your information, password, change your URL, and upload a picture to your site.


back office pro option

Every Brand Partner gets the LITE version of the Back Office for FREE. If you want access to advanced reports to help your team and access to our powerful APP, you’ll want to upgrade to Back Office PRO.

Useful info about Back Office PRO:

  • Back Office PRO is $9.99 per month.
  • The day you purchase it, you’ll have access to PRO features up until the same date of the next month. For example, if you buy PRO on the 5th, you will have access until the 5th of next month.
  • With PRO, you gain access to our Builder APP as well.
  • You’ll gain access to PRO features & the APP within 24 hours of purchase.
  • If you never want to lose access, start an Easy-Ship with Back Office PRO on it!
  • You have 2 options for buying PRO: Monthly or Yearly Access.


When you log in to your Back Office or the App, you will use your ID # as your username and the password you created at the time of enrollment.

if you’re ready to get social

On Day 5, we will take you through the basics of Social Media & Branding. But, if you’re ready to make your first post, don’t wait.

Click this link to be taken to your first week of posts.


Business Plan
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