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Bravenly compensation plan overview

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training topics you’ll learn today

  • How to get Active
  • Comp Plan basics
  • How to make money fast

your checklist


To receive commissions from Bravenly you need to be Active.

If you are NOT Active, you will need to acquire 100 Rank Volume (RV) in the month that you enrolled.

To be Active, there are 3 ways to you can make this happen:

  • Enroll with the $49.99 Kit and add at least 100 RV (Rank Volume) in products to your first order.
  • Enroll with the $49.99 Kit and start enrolling Retail & VIP Customers ASAP – Once you get to 100 RV (Rank Volume) in sales, you are ACTIVE. All products have RV (Rank Volume) attached at various amounts.
  • Enroll with the $299.99 or higher pack, those automatically make you Active.

Let’s discuss the pay periods and how they work:

At Bravenly, we have 2 pay periods, our weekly pay period & our monthly pay period. The weekly pay period goes from Monday –  Sunday. The monthly pay period goes from the 1st of the month through the last day of any given month (28th, 29th, 30th or 31st). You will need to be Active for every pay period to receive a check.

You will receive Weekly Commissions for Retail Commissions, VIP Commissions, and First Order Bonuses. So, if in any given week you enroll someone that would trigger one of those bonuses (Mon-Sun) you would have to be active by the end of the pay period, Sunday night @11:59pm ET.  As long as you are Active, you will receive commissions. Weekly Active looks at that current week (Monday-Sunday) + the previous 4 weeks, for a total of 5 weeks. You just need to be Active at some point in that current week or the previous 4. As long as you are active in those 5 weeks, you are good to go! The system is always looking at that current week, any volume you had + the previous 4 weeks, and as long as you had 100 RV in those 5 weeks, you’re considered Active. 

Each Monday, a new week rolls off, and another rolls on. So you will see this weekly active Volume go down and up, potentially as every Monday, the 5th week rolls off and another week starts.

💡 TIP: Make a plan to be Active by the 5th of every month, and you never have to worry about it.

Our Monthly Pay types are everything else, and you would have to be ACTIVE by the end of the month to get your check for all the ways you’re qualified to receive commissions and bonuses in that given month.

🎥 Here is a quick 5-minute video explaining our Active Status:

quick look at our comp plan

Here is a quick breakdown of the different ways you get paid at Bravenly.

start making money now


Our goal is to help you make money right away. Most people join Bravenly with the immediate goal of making $300-$500. We have 10 ways you can earn income at Bravenly. All you need to do is focus on the daily activites that will help you grow your business. The income will follow.

Activity that leads to income:

  • Enrolling customers & retaining customer orders each month
  • Enrolling Brand Partners & Affiliates
  • Helping your Brand Partners & Affiliates do the same


This is just an example, you can make more or less depending on who you enroll, and what they buy. This is a pathway to $500 quick. You can do this in your first 72 hours, week, or month, as fast or slow as you want.

Director is our core rank, and should be your goal so you can start earning more. There are more bonuses and ways to earn in our compensation plan when you reach Director. Here is an example of a Pathway to Director and what you can make by working your way there.


If you are someone who wants to know all the details and understand how you get paid, there is a Compensation Plan Video for each Pay Type we have at Bravenly. Listed below, you will see the link to watch these. Each of the 10 ways to earn videos is between 1-5 minutes.

2024 Bravenly Compensation Plan Overview:

Bravenly Comp Plan Sneak Peek:

Retail Commissions l 1st way to earn:

VIP Commissions l 2nd way to earn:

First Order Bonus l 3rd way to earn:

Club Cash l 4th way to earn:

Level Bonus l 5th way to earn:

Enroller Bonus l 6th way to earn:

Rank Bonuses l 7th way to earn:

Director Bonuses l 8th way to earn:

Vice President Bonuses l 9th way to earn:

National Bonus Pool l 10th way to earn:

Bravenly Chart at a glance l What you make at each rank:

Balancing Volume as you Rank Advance to Director and beyond:

What Brand Partners make on Affiliates in their Organization:

What Affiliates make in commissions at Bravenly:


Bravenly Compensation Plan PDF

Brand Partners Guide to Affiliates in your Business PDF

Balancing your Business to Rank Up PDF

Ranks of Bravenly PDF

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