how to use our private info groups on Facebook

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training topics we’ll cover today

  • How to use our Private Info Groups on Facebook
  • Follow our Corporate social accounts

your checklist


Bravenly has 2 Private Info Groups on Facebook that will assist you as a tool and a 3rd party to help enroll Customers and Brand Partners.

Our Breakthrough Group is the perfect place for potential customers to get product information. Our Insiders Group serves as the place to invite potential Brand Partners to get more information about the business.


the 3-step process to enroll

Step 1: Invite your friend to one of our Private Info Groups on Facebook.

Invite your friends to either the Breakthrough or Insiders Group.

The key to this step is to personally message the person you are inviting to the group. You will let them know to look for the notification that you invited them.

Make sure you tell them to answer the membership questions so they can get approved to join the groups.

FYI: Your friends, just by adding them, don’t automatically get in the group, they MUST accept the invitation AND answer the membership questions. 

Step 2: Tag them in posts & teach them how to explore the group.

Once they are accepted, you will be able to tag them in posts. To “tag” someone in a post, you use the @ sign in front of their name. For example, @sallysue. You will know they are accepted into the group when you tag them and their name turns blue like this: SALLY SUE. If they have not accepted the invite or answered the questions to be approved, and you tag them, their name will be greyed out with a circle and a line through it, like SALLY SUE.

You will want to tag your friends that you invited to the group in relevant posts and stories regarding the questions they were asking or information you think they would like. Next, teach them to explore and search the page. You can show them the Search bar at the top of the page, and the albums & files that might interest them.

Step 3: Follow up, answer their questions, and make the ASK.

After you have tagged them in posts, message them to follow up and answer any questions they have. Making the ASK of them is important. This is also the step that can lead to 3rd party validation. ASK them if they are ready to get started. 

Follow up with them to see if they are ready to get started or need more info.

follow up & closing tips

The follow-up is super important, don’t just assume adding them to the group will get them to make a decision. Most people need to be ASKED to join you or ASKED to buy from you. Closing them is helping them make a buying or joining decision.

After they have been in the group for a while and you’ve answered a some of their questions, feel free to start the Follow-Up Process to close them.


follow up #1

“Did you want me to walk you through the enrollment process?”


follow up #2

Tag them in another story in one of the Private Info Groups, then message.


follow up #3

“I’m excited for you to get started/start seeing results with our products, what questions do you have or are you ready to get started?”


follow up #4

Politely take it away:

Hey, it seems like right now isn’t the right time for you to get started. No biggie, let me know when something changes.”

Then ask them a question about life, if they are interested, they will speak up. If you were talking to them about being a Brand Partner, you can add:

“We can get you started as a customer first, you can start using the products, and getting results, so when you are ready, you’ll already have a testimony.”

today’s action step

Today, your goal is to ASK your 5 more KEY PEOPLE to take a look at Bravenly. Take your 5 people through our simple system of AT3.

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