let’s get social

Please watch the Day Five video.

training topics you’ll learn today

  • Branding tips
  • Identify your audience
  • Find your FIVE
  • Intro to the Social Library

your checklist


We know that posting may be overwhelming at first, but we are going to teach you how to post, so you feel confident and comfortable. Our motto is “Get them involved and let them evolve.” Give yourself grace! You’re not going to master this on day 1. We will take you through the steps, as you dive in and get involved working your business on social media, you will EVOLVE!

start with branding

The goal of this is to get CLEAR about who you are and who you’re talking to on social media.

First things first, here are 3 things to consider and take action on.

crafting your story

When you know who you are and can articulate parts of your story, this is the first step to branding yourself.

Grab a notebook and write down the answers to the questions below. 


questions to ask yourself:

  • What defines you?
  • Who will relate to you?
  • What stage of life were you in when you said YES?
  • What struggles did/do you have that you hope Bravenly can solve?
  • What are your short-term and long-term goals with Bravenly?
  • Why did you join Bravenly?

identify your audience

  When you know WHO you’re trying to attract, it will help you craft your posts to resonate with your audience.

Create an example avatar for your ideal Customer and Brand Partner. 


customer brainstorm prompts:

  • Write a short fictional bio for your ideal customer. Who are they? Be as detailed as possible.
  • Write a short fictional bio for your ideal Brand Partner. Who are they? Be as detailed as possible.

When you know WHO you are looking for, you will find them.

When you know who you’re looking for, you write posts that will resonate with them.

You can truly help them when you know who they are and what they want.

find your five

Now that you have identified pieces of your story and know who you are speaking to. You want to identify the 5 key categories that you want to center your posts around.

Use this guide to help you identify the FIVE things that make you, YOU! Once you have your 5, everything you post should follow those 5 things.

What are the TOP 5 words that resonate with you most?

intro to your social library

One thing that makes Bravenly so unique is that we have created a wealth of done-for-you resources so you can be confident and comfortable while building your business. This allows you to EARN while you LEARN.

We have a full social library located on this website with images and posts for you. This social library is often updated with fresh new images, so be sure to check back often! The first section we want you to focus on is your FIRST POSTS. 

Click here to be taken there now. Follow along and explore this section.

Today’s Action Step

Today, your goal is to ASK your next 5 KEY PEOPLE to take a look at Bravenly. Take your next 5 people through our simple system of AT3.

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