Day Fifteen

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training topics you’ll learn today

  • i-payout
  • Bravenly Support
  • Compliance

your checklist

important info about commissions

On Day Nine, we talked about how to get Active and our Compensation Plan. Today, we are going to dive into how you actually GET paid. Let’s revisit how to become Active.

You ALWAYS want to be Active, don’t let a single day go by where you are NOT!

We have BOTH Weekly & Monthly pay at Bravenly, so you want to make sure you are active to receive ALL commissions.

To be Active, you need to have 100 Pay Volume each month to receive a check for your Monthly commissions & bonuses. Each week (Monday – Sunday) you will want to make sure you’re Active to earn First Order Bonuses for the current week.

How to know if you’re Active in a current week? The system will look to see if you have 100 Pay Volume for the current week (Mon-Sun) + the previous 4 weeks. If the answer is YES, then you are eligible to receive weekly commissions. Your Pay Volume can come from your personal orders, Retail Customer orders, VIP Customer orders, or any combination of those.


So, if you enroll someone with a First Order on a Tuesday and you are not active yet, you will have until Sunday to get active to receive your First Order Bonus on them. Because the Weekly Pay Period is Monday – Sunday, you just need to be active by Sunday at 11:59 pm ET for that week.

Here is an image that explains weekly & monthly pay:

easy-ship information

You are NOT required to place an order or be on Easy-Ship. We did just go over how to be Active. To receive a paycheck, you do HAVE to have 100 in Pay Volume. If you are someone who wants to be a “product of the product” and love our Bravenly Products, Easy-Ship is for you. Easy-Ship is like your insurance policy to never miss a paycheck.

Having an active Easy-Ship GUARANTEES the following 4 things:

  • You will be Active for ALL Weekly commissions & bonuses, including the First Order Bonus for each Brand Partner you enroll who places a product order within their first 3 days of joining.
  • You will be Active to receive your Monthly commissions.
  • You will have confidence like no other because you are using the products and becoming a “product of the product”! You now have results to share with people which will help you sign up Retail & VIP Customers. When someone asks you a question about a product, you can answer from experience.
  • You have products on hand that you can sell at the SRP, hello INSTANT CASH!!! Or products to create samples to help get more customers. This also means you have products that you can use on yourself to show people your before and afters which help grow your business even faster. It gives you products to use at in-person events and to use for giveaways.

If you do NOT have a monthly EASY-SHIP, you have to worry about these 3 annoying realities EVERY MONTH:

  • You have to watch closely what your customers are ordering to make sure you are at 100 Pay Volume.
  • You risk missing a promotion AND your paycheck if you don’t have 100 Pay Volume to be ACTIVE. 
  • You experience BELOW AVERAGE commission checks due to:
  • Low volume from not training your new Brand Partners the importance of having an Easy-Ship. Brand Partners will do what you do. Imagine if you and your Brand Partners became your own best customers finding a few products you love and becoming a “product of the product”. Although, we do not require you to have an Easy-Ship, most Brand Partners find it is the best way to have a product story and ensure everyone is Active for commissions. Of course, this also generates many repeat sales in your organization.
  • You’re not using the product and becoming “a product of the product”. Therefore you are not able to be a walking, confident advertisement to those around you.

How to Set up your Easy-Ship:

Once you set up your Easy-Ship, you can edit it by clicking on the Easy-Ship Tab and then clicking VIEW EASY-SHIP PROFILE.

TIP – If you decide to upgrade to the PRO version of our Back Office, you will want to put that on Easy-Ship as well.

set up your ipayout account so you can get paid

Once you have made $20 or more in commission, this will trigger your first paycheck, and a registration email to set up your i-payout account.

You will get PAID every MONDAY from the pay period Monday to Sunday, 1 week ago, and then on the 15th of every month from the previous month. When you get an email from i-payout, don’t ignore it, this is your pay portal! Set it up ASAP, so you don’t lose the unique code and have to email customer support.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open your i-payout email, and click the link (There is a 4-min video, watch it)

2. Create your Account

3. Create your PIN & Security questions

4. Once set up, MUST verify your identity with a picture ID & W-9 Form

5. Set up your Wallet Pay Transfers

You should now know how to be Active so you never miss a paycheck, how to set up Easy-Ship so you don’t miss out on pay, and how to set up your account to receive PAY with i-payout.


At Bravenly, we are honored to come alongside our Customers, Affiliates, and Brand Partners with unmatched service, top coaching, training, and mentoring. We are committed to supporting our community with love and a desire to go above and beyond to show our appreciation for you, in all that we do.

Your Help Desk Support Info:

Do you have a support question but don’t want to wait for an email response? Many questions can be answered by checking this webpage first.

We have put together Help Center articles that answer the most common support questions to help you get the answers you need, FASTER!

Website Features:

  • There are categories listed that you can search your answer to find.
  • There is a search bar to type in your question or keywords to help find the answer.
  • A quick way to submit a request.
  • Create an account that you’re able to sign in and manage your support tickets.

Here is the link:



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