Day Eleven

the momentum phase of our system

Please watch the Day Eleven video.

training topics you’ll learn today

  • Grow your network
  • Follow-up strategies
  • Enroll & then duplicate

your checklist


When you first get started, we have you focused on the KEY activities to bring you success without overwhelming you. We helped you identify the first people you wanted to talk with about Bravenly. We then introduced you to our AT3 system. In the beginning, the first 25–30 people you talk to are considered your warm market. These are people you know well, and most likely are your closest family and friends.

After you reach out to your warm market, we want to teach you strategies to continue to GROW your list of names so you can AT3 more people.

Once you have done AT3 with people, and they aren’t ready to join or buy at that moment, there is a follow-up process. We are going to teach you how to follow up in a way that is not spammy or pushy.

Once you start enrolling Brand Partners, the key to momentum is duplication. You want to teach them what you just did. When they master AT3, you are on track to massive momentum in your team and business.

the momentum phase of at3

grow your network

It is important to grow your network daily. If you are always meeting new people online and in-person, you will never run out of people to talk to.

Having a physical list of people you know, can be helpful. You also have a list on your social media accounts, of all your followers on Instagram, or friends on Facebook.

Download the Ultimate Master Names List Guide to help you grow your network. The first one is an activity to help you think of people by asking you questions about your life. The next is a memory jogger to help you think of people you know. The last is a list you can use to write these names down. If you are not a paper person, and you like using tech, you can keep this list in a Google Doc or create a note on your phone.

tips to grow your network


  • Go to Facebook & ADD friends.
  • Go to Instagram & FOLLOW people.
  • Search Facebook groups you have common interests with.
  • Look at your friends of friends on Facebook.
  • Use your suggested friends list.
  • Use hashtags on Instagram to find people.
  • Check out people who comment on Instagram posts.
  • Use Geo-Tags to find people in your area or in a specific place where you are trying to grow your network.


  • Be on the lookout for places to make connections & build relationships.
  • Pick your head up & smile when you’re out and about.
  • Carry your list with you, even if it’s on your phone.
  • Write down any new connections you’ve made.
  • Attend networking events & expos.
  • Use a booth or vendor to get in front of people.
  • Have product samples to get people’s attention.

follow up

After you have gone through AT3 with a prospect, it is time to follow up – make the ask and close them. Most people will not just come to you, even if they are interested. You will have to lead them through the process. Part of following up is making the ASK – meaning ASK them to join you or order products. You can do this by asking them a question that leads to a decision.

engaging questions to ask:

You are not asking your prospects to sign away their life. If you know people who would be interested in your products and have a few friends who would benefit from an extra income, why not? Here are some simple but open-ended questions to get the conversation going:

1. Do you see yourself doing this with me?

2. What stood out to you?

3. What questions do you have?

4. Are you ready to get started?

make the ask and enroll:

It’s time to ENROLL THEM. This is a simple task that you can walk your new Brand Partners through to make sure they get enrolled. If you are with them in person, this part is easy. Grab your laptop, iPad, or smartphone, go to your website, and walk them through this process. This way, if they have any questions as they are entering their info, you are right there to help. If you are not with that person, and you are texting them a follow-up, here is a script to use:

Hey (NAME) I’m helping customers put in their orders right now for the week, did you want me to walk you through that quickly? It’s super easy, and the products ship right to your house!

(They respond)

Great, all you need to do is go to this website: www.yourURL/ (INSERT YOUR URL) and add your products to the cart, then check out. I can call you, and help you through it. If you get stuck, I’m right here! Just text me back or send me a screenshot.

(They respond)

Awesome. As soon as you get your confirmation, text me back, and I will send you some more details about the perks you can expect.

follow-up tips:

Okay, let’s talk FOLLOW-UP. The follow-up process just starts with a little organization. Here are some tips for helping you through a successful follow-up rhythm.

1. Feel empowered to start a list or an Excel spreadsheet to help keep you on track.

2. Use a calendar for tracking your prospects through your follow-up process.

3. Try the 2-2-2 method: Follow-up 2 days after a Bravenly Exposure, then 2 weeks later, then again 2 months later, until they enroll.

4. Remember that a follow-up time frame can vary depending on the objections or situation.

5. Follow the lead of your prospect.

6. Take extra time at the end of the week to get ahead on your follow-up process.

sales statistics:

example follow-up scripts

If you were talking to someone about products, here are a few example follow-up scripts…

Hey (NAME) Did you get your order in okay?

I’m helping a few other people place some orders today, and it reminded me of you, did you have any other questions or are you ready to get started?

Tag in another product testimonial in the Breakthrough Group, then message:

Hey (NAME), check out this testimony on ________ (insert product). I can’t wait for you to get results like that. Are you ready to get started?

Polite takeaway:

Hey (NAME), it seems like now isn’t the right time for you to get started as a customer, let me know if something changes.

Ask a question about life.

If you were talking to someone about joining Bravenly, here are a few example follow-up scripts…

Hey (NAME) Which product pack are you starting with?

Hey (NAME), what questions do you have or are you ready to get started? I know you are going to do GREAT, and remember, I’m here to help every step of the way!

Tag in another post in the Insiders Group, then message:

Hey (NAME), check out this post about ________ (insert topic). I can’t wait for you to get started. Are you ready?

Polite takeaway:

Hey (NAME), it seems like now isn’t the right time for you to get started as a Brand Partner. Did you want to start as a customer or affiliate and start developing a product story?


Now it’s time to LEAD your new personally enrolled Brand Partners through this system. At Bravenly, you will get paid in 3 ways; When you enroll Customers, when you help your team grow their business, and when you help your Brand Partners do the same. You will have much more success if you have a thriving organization of LEADERS in your business.

“You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

– Zig Ziglar

After your new Brand Partner is enrolled, it’s time to go through these launch days with them, help them brainstorm their network, and send messages to those first few people. You’ll want to help your new Brand Partners find their “WHY” and then get started launching their business.

Here at Bravenly, there is a wealth of content for you and your team to plug into. We provide you with the tools you need, but you have to use them to succeed!

Developing your new Brand Partner into a LEADER at Bravenly should be one of your top priorities. Don’t expect that they know what to do, how to do it, or that they will duplicate what you do. SHOW THEM, lead OUT LOUD, be their bestie, and take them under your wing. This will start to create layered leadership in your organization.

Remember, duplication is the name of the game. Your Brand Partners will duplicate what you do, so make sure they are coping the right behaviors.


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